Upon our arrival in Phnom Penh, we were surprised to discover that our luggage was not available at the airport. Over the next two days, we had to adapt and make the most of the situation by delving into the project discussions with the teams, all while seizing the opportunity for some impromptu clothing shopping. Personally, in the absence of my equipment, I took advantage of the time to embark on an early morning stroll to Wat Phom temple. This initial exploration has sparked my interest, and I plan to delve deeper into it later in the week through a dedicated photo session.

Once our luggage finally arrived, it was time to immerse ourselves in work. The agenda encompassed various aspects, including room categories, reception, restaurant, and amenities like lounges, culminating in a focus on conference rooms.

In terms of preparation, it was often necessary to repatriate items quickly between shoots, as the pre-opening hotel did not yet have the required equipment, having to collect it from the group’s other nearby hotel.

As far as the rooms were concerned, not all the windows available for the shots offered the best view. The exteriors of rooms of the same category and angle ha d to be captured for inclusion in the virtual tours. A professional working internationally needs to have the right skills, as he can’t come back at a later date to take the shots.

The lobby was a major challenge, with fans spinning and customers walking through the space. I particularly appreciated the professionalism of the teams I had the pleasure of integrating into the virtual tours.

As for the Senses restaurant, we had to wait until nightfall and juggle with tablecloths and napkins. The fact that I took four photos for one tour enabled me to move the equipment between each shot, ensuring that all the tables were occupied by the end of the visit.

Finally, the Grand Ballroom was prepared by the teams. A tricky choice of color for the photo, however, as it changed automatically every five seconds. So I had to wait until the desired color was present from every angle.



We fostered positive connections with the teams, and it was delightful to observe that certain team members were fluent in French.
The act of sharing and exploring individuals from diverse cultures consistently brings us joy.



Prior to my departure, I experienced the ambiance of Wat Phnom Temple one evening and titled it “It’s a matter of time.” Cambodia captivated me, and in the city of Phnom Penh, I found a genuine sense of contentment. Despite cultural variances and differences in living standards, I firmly believe it’s an exceptionally pleasant city for residence. However, for now, it’s simply a farewell.



Here is the final Project :


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