This project truly made me realize the importance of virtual tours for heritage preservation.

The implementation of this virtual tour, the first of its kind in France, in Lyon, marks a significant step towards a more accessible and transparent justice system. The feedback we have received so far has been extremely positive, highlighting the usefulness and interest in this initiative.

Here are the benefits brought by this initiative:

  1. Harmonization and Consistency: The creation of the virtual tour for the Lyon Court of Appeal allows for a uniform and consistent presentation of information, in line with the standards of the Ministry of Justice. This reinforces the image of the French justice system as a modern and accessible institution.
  2. Quality and Personalization: The Lyon Court of Appeal benefits from a personalized presentation that highlights its specific features and history while maintaining a high and homogeneous level of quality.
  3. Increased Accessibility: This tour is a valuable tool for people with reduced mobility, law students, and anyone curious about better understanding the workings of our judicial system.
  4. Modernization of Judicial Image: The digitalization of the tour of judicial institutions demonstrates a willingness to adapt to new technologies and meet the expectations of citizens, thus improving public perception of the justice system.


This project originated from a demonstration I had conducted for the Court of Appeal, which was initially intended for the Lyon City Hall. Although the City Hall did not express interest at that time, I decided to propose this project to the Court of Appeal. Their reaction was immediate and enthusiastic, leading to a meeting with the First President, Madame Catherine Pautrat.

During this meeting, it became clear that we shared a common vision: to develop a modern, informative, and high-quality product to enhance the image of Justice. I sincerely thank Madame Pautrat for her open-mindedness and modern vision, which were crucial for the realization of this project.

Capturing the Virtual Tour of the Lyon Court of Appeal:

As a Lyon resident, I had the opportunity to photograph the Court of Appeal when the rooms were available. The photography sessions took place from December 2023 to January 2024. To photograph the Salle des Pas Perdus, it was necessary to start very early in the morning and coordinate with the security service to allow access before the court opened.

The logistics involved careful management of the availability of different rooms, each with its own access schedule. For example, the Salle des Assises, which was under renovation, was completed and available for photography in early January 2024.

This organization allowed for the capture of high-quality images, showcasing the architecture and history of each room, thus contributing to the creation of a detailed and immersive virtual tour for the Lyon Court of Appeal.

Development and Customization of the Virtual Tour of the Lyon Court of Appeal

For this project, I proposed creating an interface similar to that of the Ministry of Justice website, adding extensive information in collaboration with the marketing team. Subsequently, the idea of making this virtual tour accessible to English speakers emerged, leading me to develop an English version.

During a meeting and demonstration with the IT department of the Ministry of Justice from Paris, we discussed in detail the interface, user experience (UX), selection of text and multimedia content to integrate, and the marketing plan. Special attention was given to the content I develop for LinkedIn and Instagram.

A key question was the hosting of the virtual tour. It was decided that I would manage the virtual tour site annually. Therefore, I rented a custom domain name and hosted the virtual tour on a dedicated server, combined with analytics tools to track the visibility of the virtual tour.

Final Project:



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