Initially, my task in Uzbekistan involved capturing 360-degree panoramic images of the ballroom and various meeting rooms, following Hilton’s guidelines to present various configurations. I made more points to coherently connect the different spaces. I also added clickable icons to save time and go directly to the desired configuration. Finally, I added videos of the displays, taken from the hotel’s Instagram account.

Here’s the link to the virtual tour of the conference rooms at the Hilton Tashkent City – Conference Center.

While shooting on location, I also had the opportunity to photograph more general views of the hotel, including the presidential suites.


We had to wait until nightfall to shoot the City 21 restaurant just before and after service.
That evening it was very windy, and the crews had to double their efforts to get all the napkins in place.

Here’s the link to the virtual tour of the City 21 Restaurant: Hilton Tashkent City – City 21 Restaurant

These images were used to create a customized virtual tour, with an interface similar to that of the Hilton brand sites. This virtual tour is now used by the sales and marketing team, as well as on the hotel’s website and social media platforms.

As far as the shooting was concerned, we had enough time and adequate preparations to complete the job, even despite the hotel’s occupancy. Some shots were taken from the roof, offering original perspectives and a great view to capture the atmosphere.

Before leaving, I organized an information meeting to explain all the functionalities of the solution I was proposing.
A member of the IT team joined us to fully understand the possibilities for their website.

It’s important to note that for the Hilton brand, we had to use external storage space to host the virtual tour.
I provided a guide to simplify this process and enable quick and easy use of the virtual tour.

Here’s the link to the virtual tour of the rest of the Hilton Tashkent City hotel



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