The extensive Hotel & Resort undertaking underwent two separate stages. In the pre-launch phase, our attention was directed towards the hotel and its adjacent services. The owner, from the beginning, possessed a well-defined vision with a special emphasis on enhancing the customer experience. Without hesitation, I adapted my methods, previously oriented towards high-end architecture, by incorporating models into virtual tours to foster interaction and connection. Beyond showcasing the magnificence of the location, these virtual tours were crafted to submerge visitors and allow them to thoroughly engage with the accompanying emotions.

First phase:


Explore this captivating destination and its iconic sunsets. The itinerary includes organized excursions throughout the resort for guest activities. I employed creativity in capturing 360-degree images, incorporating models to imbue them with significance. We ventured into the awe-inspiring surroundings, whether culturally rich or natural, surrounding the resort, from archaeological sites to zoo to rocky beaches. A distinctive opportunity presented itself when we filmed a report with a fisherman at dawn—an unforgettable experience despite our attire geared towards hotel work.



Collaborating with the team proved to be an exceptionally delightful experience. The combination of their amiability and professionalism played a significant role in achieving the comprehensive visualization of the necessary elements, placing particular emphasis on capturing various spaces, notably the bedrooms.



Second phase:

Adapting our schedule to accommodate the bustling influx of guests at the hotel was a necessity. Currently, all the restaurants are operational, and a refreshed ambiance has been crafted through decor renovations. My responsibility involves capturing these transformations through photographs for integration into the existing virtual tours. Occasionally, new panoramas are essential to showcase the noteworthy alterations.

The assistance provided by my colleague has proven especially valuable, facilitating more efficient collaboration between us. I am increasingly recognizing the advantages of working in tandem, a method that significantly enhances the quality of shots and optimizes the time spent capturing images. This experience reinforces my belief in the added value of collaborative efforts to achieve heightened levels of quality and efficiency in our photographic endeavors.



In this second session, our primary goal was to spotlight several crucial aspects of the establishment. Special emphasis was placed on showcasing the lobby, conference rooms, pools, and two specific villas. However, our primary focus centered on the Presidential Suite, deemed the true jewel in the crown.

The creation of this collection of visuals and interactive content demanded extensive teamwork, characterized by a close partnership between photography and virtual tour design. My partner and I pooled our respective skills to craft an immersive and captivating visual experience. Precise coordination between capturing static images and developing a dynamic virtual tour was vital to provide viewers with a thorough and detailed exploration of these prestigious spaces.

This collaborative approach underscores our dedication to quality and excellence, demonstrating how the synergy between photography and virtual tour technology can yield a comprehensive and aesthetically rich representation of the facility’s installations.



The assistance provided by the hotel teams played a pivotal role, encompassing tasks ranging from arranging decor to coordinating activities in various spaces like the lobby, conference rooms, pools, villas, and the Presidential Suite. Their profound familiarity with the venues and dedicated commitment to achieving accurate representation significantly facilitated our work.

In essence, this experience emphasized the significance of collaboration and coordination, showcasing how the combined efforts led to a successful and immersive presentation of each venue. This presentation reflects the inherent quality and professionalism of the establishment.



Apart from the strictly professional aspect, this encounter has served as fertile soil where genuine friendships have flourished with specific team members. This realization strengthens my belief that the farewells at present are merely temporary, and that future opportunities for collaboration and mutual sharing will emerge.



Here is the final project :


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