Looking to boost hotel bookings and give your guests a unique experience?
A 360-degree aerial view is the answer.

Our high-quality drone captures a bird's eye view of your hotel, from the sea to the vibrant surroundings, allowing guests to imagine their place at your property.

But it's not just about the view from above. Our panoramic shots provide a full picture of the surrounding area, taking into consideration amenities and the environment.

In the "hero shot," guests can see stunning views of your hotel's architecture and landscapes, getting a taste of the high-end luxury that awaits them.

And if your hotel offers a wide range of outdoor facilities, our aerial 360 showcase captures it all from a compelling high-latitude perspective, using drones from both the skyline and ground level.
Give your guests an unforgettable experience and boost your bookings with our aerial 360 views.

Experience a 360-degree view by simply clicking and dragging the images below.

Aerial 360 - Cap St Georges Hotel & Resort - Jean-Charles Garrivet AERIAL 360 : CAP ST GEORGES RESORT

Aerial 360 - Hilton Evian - Jean-Charles Garrivet

Aerial 360 - Chalet de Praz Dru - Jean-Charles Garrivet AERIAL 360 : CHÂLET DE PRAZ DRU

Aerial 360 - Les Granges d'en Haut - Jean-Charles Garrivet AERIAL 360 : GRANGES D'EN HAUT


Aerial 360 - One Park Residences - Jean-Charles Garrivet AERIAL 360 : ONE PARK RESIDENCE

Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring your hotel to life through a personalized virtual tour experience. Get in touch with us now and let us show you how we can help showcase the unique features and breathtaking views of your property.