Before you start :

What you see in the headset is different from what you share on screen. For example, if you are in a full immersion experience and want to share it on a PC or TV, the audience will see a 2D representation of your view in a square screen. The idea of this article is to show the different ways to share a virtual tour on Oculus Quest 2.

2D Representation :

– With Big Screen APP :

A very interesting and quality way to share content in a Meta world. The Bigscreen application allows you to choose the type of environment and offers you the possibility to invite friends or audience to show the screen.
The concept is that someone opens a browser page on their desktop and shares the screen on Bigscreen. The problem is that you have to manage your virtual tour with your PC and not with the headset. In the end, it’s a bit tricky and your PC has to be close to your headset.

Let’s have a look here :

– Browser APP
Another very qualitative option, just open a brower application, resize the window and go to the website with the virtual tour. This way you can control with your controllers.
Not too much distortion, instead of the curved screen. I think this is the best and easiest way to access the virtual tour.

Let’s have a look :

3D Full Immersion :

– 3DVista :

3D vista has developed an APP to share virtual tours. When we look on the headset, we are in a real environment in 360. I notice two types of problems with this program.

First, the colours of the original virtual tour are not respected.
Second point is that when you look inside the headset, everything is bigger than normal, so you can’t appreciate the accuracy of the virtual tour which normally gives you a good appreciation of the space. If you look down, you feel like you are 3m high…
So for the moment this is not the best solution to use as a demo. Instead, when you record your video, it’s rendered in 2D so there’s no longer that high feeling.

Let’s have a look now.

Technology is changing a lot, I will update the information on this page with new possibilities. Stay tuned.

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